Associate Professor

New York University , PhD , 1995
Hunter College , MS , 1975
Syracuse University , BS , 1972
Burbank Hospital School of Nursing , Other , 1970

Expertise: Related: Teaching Interests:

Key Topics

• Holistic Nursing - has created 5-6 courses that revolve around holistic nursing • Gerontology • Stress Reduction using integrative therapies - Meditation, Muscle Relazation, Theraputic Touch, Aromatherapy (lavender), Psycho Neuro Immunology (Mind Body Connection) • Leadership - Nursing Education and in a Hospital Setting (she still works at a hospital) • Collective Bargaining and Unions as a Nursing Staff Leader

• Received the Undergraduate Student Faculty Research Award for her third year • Working with RN-BS student to study staff who work with developmentaly disabled on their stress, sleep and anxiety • Working with Jason Slyer on a systematic review for the Joanna Briggs Institute looking at Oral Pill Form of Lavender v. Inhaled Lavender in adults with a focus on sleep and anxiety

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