David Nabirahni


The National University of Iran , BS , Array
Eastern New Mexico University , MS , Array
University of New Orleans (LSU) , PhD , Array
Universal Sensors, Inc, and UNO , Other , Array
Harvard University , Other , 2012

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Analytical, biochemical, clinical, environmental forensic and pharmaceutical chemistry. Bio-electro-analytical chem., and neuro-psycho-pharmacology, science and technology in environmental law, science/technology and society.

David Rahni is professor and chair of the department of chemistry & physical sciences. As a prolifically published in the fields of biosensors for clinical, environmental forensic, and nano-manufatcured and in-vivo device assays and internationally presented bio-electro-analytical chemist scholar, David has also served as adjunct professor in Pace environmental law, and dermatology at NYMC.  As a Fulbright Senior Research Fellow in Denmark, he has also served as visiting professor at the universities of Oxford, Florence and Italy. Born and raised in Iran, he has written extensively on current affairs, global human rights and justice with emphasis on the histories and cultures in south-west Asia.    

David Rahni was born and raised in Tehran Iran, where after completing his B.S. in chemistry, he moved to the U.S. and earned his M.S. and Ph.D./post-doctoral studies in New Mexico (ENMU) and Louisiana (LSU-UNO). His teaching has increasingly become enhanced with integrating his diverse scholarships and as drawn form his affiliations with corporate R&D at IBM, Pepsi, and BASF, and consultancies among others. Rahni is a prolifically published multi-disciplinarian scholar with multi-cultural/linguistic and cultural skills. He has travelled extensively in more than thirty countries and resided or worked in a half dozen region. He has served as a visiting professor globally and conducted his Fulbright senior research scholarship tenure in Denmark and at the University of Oxford England, the Universities of Rome and Florence in Italy, and universities in Tehran, Esfahan, Zanjan, Guilan and in his alma mater National University in Iran. He has served as adjunct professor at Pace environmental law, at CUNY’s Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education (CUNY Med School) in Harlem New York City, and since 1995 as an adjunct professor of dermatology at New York Medical College. His published research spans across Biosensors for ex-/in-vivo clinical & neurological, and environmental and forensic assays and implantable monitoring devices.

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