Cathryn Lavery



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Sexual assaults, Rape on campuses, officer wellness, compassion fatigue, resiliency, human trafficking, mental health and prisons, sex crimes, animal humane/green criminology, juvenile justice, restorative justice. 

Dr. Lavery is Chair and Professor for Pace University’s Criminal Justice & Security. She has two forthcoming books on officer wellness and sociopolitical risks in agencies. She has published in: Frontiers, Acta Psychopathologica, Journal of Behav. Health, and Journal of Law Enforcement. Research include officer wellness and resiliency, IPV, sex crimes, humane criminology, social media & violent crime, and human trafficking. Dr: Lavery media appearances: Fox News NY, ABC News, WVOX. Podcasts: Criminal Justice Insider, White Collar Week, NYPD’s Break in the Case and Solving #MeToo. Dr. Lavery serves on various advisory boards and currently consults on issues of Title IX and sexual discrimination, cultural sensitivity, and trauma.

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